The Rolling Stones present “Hackney Diamonds” and confirm the release date

The Rolling Stones present “Hackney Diamonds” and confirm the release date

legendary british band Rolling Stones announced the release of their first studio album, with original material, since 2005. It will bear the name of Hackney Diamonds and was presented in action this morning in London together with the presenter Jimmy Fallon.

The event was held in the London neighborhood that gives the album its name, Hackney, one of the most vibrant districts of the British capital today. Over there Mick jagger, Keith Richards and Ron Wood gave details of the new songs and confirmed that the late drummer charlie wattsas well as the band’s original bassist Bill Wymanwere part of the new recordings.

“We wouldn’t post this right now if we really didn’t like it”Jagger said. “We didn’t want to make any album and publish it. So we wanted to make a record. Before we went in, we said that we all wanted to make a record that we really liked ourselves. Some people may like it, others may not. But it must be said: we are very happy with it. … We hope you like”.

The band also revealed the album’s track listing, which contains 12 tracks, though Jagger said they’ve recorded 23. Wood praised the song’s funky riffing. “Whole Wide World” and how Dreamy Skies he tries to get away from it all (which, according to Jagger, never happens).

Wood also revealed that Lady Gaga sing in “Sweet Sounds of Heaven” and curiously called out Stevie Wonder’s name as Fallon announced the song. They described “Live by the Sword” as “slightly retro” and Richards talked about “Tell Me Straight”, a song that sings. “I can tell you clearly that I have no idea what it is about,” the guitarist joked.

At the same event, the video of his first single, Angryit is starred by the actress of white lotus and Euphoria, sydney sweeney.

The announcement of the Rolling Stones event with Jimmy Fallon

In a promotional video, Fallon himself receives a call from the three living members of the band, Mick Jagger, Keith Richard and Ronnie Wood (after the death of the drummer charlie watts two years ago), who invite you to participate in the launch, with the background music of one of the new songs.

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“Hackney may be at the heart and center of ‘Hackney Diamonds’, but this is truly a global moment and we want to share it with fans around the world through YouTube,” the band said in a statement released by the group.

What is known about the new Rolling Stones album

The new album will be the first the Stones have released since “A Bigger Bang” in 2005 and was eagerly awaited by its legions of fans after a mysterious campaign brought up the launch in recent weeks.

Among other actions, it projected his logo with his lips and tongue on iconic buildings and places from cities around the world such as New York, London or Paris.

In August, the Rolling Stones revealed the title of their next album through an advertisement for a fictional glass repair business published in a British newspaper, in which the group appeared to allude to several of their best-known songs.

In the Hackney Gazette publication, the ad stated that the “team (of the alleged business) promises you satisfaction”and added references to some of the band’s songs: “When you say gimme shelter we’ll fix your shattered windows” (“When you say give me shelter, we’ll fix your broken windows”).

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