Last goodbye to Silvina Luna: how will the intimate farewell be

Last goodbye to Silvina Luna: how will the intimate farewell be

The remains of the model and actress Silvina Lunawho died last Thursday at the age of 43 in the Italian hospital, will be fired today starting at 12:30 p.m. in the Pantheon of Actors of the Chacarita Cemetery, in the city of Buenos Aires.

After a private farewell that took place this morning in a wake room in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Belgrano, the remains of Silvina Luna will be transferred this afternoon to the Chacarita cemetery, according to the Argentine Association of Actors.

Meanwhile, through social networks, inorganically, the call for a “peaceful march for justice for the deaths of people operated on by Lotocki” is circulating for this afternoon at 7:00 p.m. on Francisco Beiró street at 1100, in the town Buenos Aires from Florida, Vicente López district, where the surgeon lives.

The network campaign against Aníbal Lotocki

In parallel, also through social networks, there is a campaign to collect signatures (http://change.org/PrisionParaLotocki) that has gathered more than 35,000 supporters demanding “prison for Aníbal Lotocki.”

The artist died last Thursday after having been hospitalized since June 13, as a result of a worsening of her state of health as a result of malpractice by the doctor Aníbal Lotocki, who in 2011 caused methacrylate poisoning that caused hypercalcemia. and kidney failure.

To determine the impact of these ailments on Luna’s death, her body was subjected to an autopsy carried out yesterday by order of the National Criminal and Correctional Judge No. 60, Luis Alberto Schelgel, the results of which are still unknown.

Silvina Luna’s life

Born in Rosario on June 21, 1980, Silvina Luna took her first steps in the world of TV as an advertising model and host, even with a very brief participation in the strip “Verano del 98”.

However, she achieved national significance with her participation in “Big Brother”, in 2021, when she was established as runner-up, behind Roberto Parra, which catapulted her career on the small screen and led her to train in workshops, seminars and classes theater with Julio Chávez, Antonella Costa, Norma Angeleri, Graciela Stefani, Gerardo Chendo and Erika Halvorsen.

Since then, his figure could be seen, especially in various television series but also in theater and, more fleetingly, in cinema.

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