Which shoes to wear with a dirndl: that’s what you wear at Oktoberfest 2023

Which shoes to wear with a dirndl: that’s what you wear at Oktoberfest 2023

The Oktoberfest is a place for fashion variety. Whether classic or chic, sporty or elegant: everyone can wear what they like at the Oktoberfest. If you want to dress traditionally, you can wear a dirndl. But what shoes do you wear with it?

The Oktoberfest takes place on the notorious Theresienwiese in Ludwigsvorstadt-Isarvorstadt, a district of Munich: the fairground measures over 40 hectares, where millions of people will once again wind their way between rides and tents this year. Anyone who wants to dress up for the recurring event can fall back on traditional costumes. Once the right piece of clothing has been found, the right shoes are still missing. We present five possible combinations.

1. Pumps

Not too flat and not too high: pumps are ideal companions at the Oktoberfest. The shoes stretch your legs – purely optically – and make them appear longer. Decide on one , you have the benefit of less pain in your feet, even after hours of standing and walking. Regardless of whether you opt for a simple or eye-catching pair that is rounded at the front or tapers to a point: Decorated ones make a dirndl always good. alternative are a good choice.

2. Loafers

Anyone who prefers to wear flat shoes with a dirndl at this year’s Oktoberfest can look forward to this alternative: closed loafers. The comfortable treads have the advantage that they protect your feet all around and also look good. It doesn’t matter if you choose elegant decide or classic loafers in or with chunky . The only important thing is that the shoes (both in terms of style and color) match the dirndl.

3. Ballet flats

Which shoes go better with a dirndl than ballerinas? The comfortable shoes are practically a must-have at the Oktoberfest – even if they are only taken as a spare pair to change into when your feet start to hurt. If held, with , , or : The flat shoes, usually made of suede or patent leather (there are also ), despite their simplicity, still look elegant. And can therefore be ideally combined with classic traditional dresses.

4. Heels

Anyone who is used to walking on high heels (and for a longer period of time) can of course also wear high heels at the Oktoberfest 2023. Depending on the weather conditions are classic an equally good alternative to the dirndl. Both variants stretch the legs and can be combined with countless looks at the Oktoberfest – but also afterwards. This year’s absolute trends include but also elegant high heels (or synthetic materials).

5. Traditional boots

It is not uncommon for a cool breeze to blow at the Oktoberfest, so that open shoes with a dirnd can cause cold feet. If you prefer to be warm and don’t want to take any risks, you can choose classic traditional boots or ankle boots. They can also be – with the appropriate – Combine well with a dirndl. Smooth leather and suede are also in demand here. As for paragraphs, on the other hand, so are How equally welcome on the Theresienwiese.

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