Princess Diana footage claims Charles wanted a girl instead of Harry

Princess Diana footage claims Charles wanted a girl instead of Harry

Princess Diana died 26 years ago – but she left behind sound recordings for posterity that will be published in a documentary. One says King Charles III. said to have been disappointed that Harry wasn’t a girl.

Prince Harry sees himself as a surrogate, he made that clear in his memoir “Spare”, but perhaps the prince’s feelings are closer to reality than one might think at first. Newly released tape recordings of Princess Diana reveal his father never wanted a second son but was hoping for a baby daughter.

In the 1990s, Princess Diana, Prince Harry’s mother, recorded several tapes that she is said to have secretly leaked to journalist Andrew Morton. In 1992 he then brought the book “Diana – Her True Story” onto the market, which the princess is said to have co-written in this way. To this day, the British Palace denies Diana’s involvement in the work.

Previously unknown audio material from Princess Diana is released

However, the tape recordings from this period still exist and there is some material that has not yet reached the public’s attention. Some of the footage will be featured in next year’s documentary Diana: The Rest of Her Story. The American show “Good Morning America” ​​from ABC was allowed to listen in advance.

Diana is said to describe a situation of Prince Harry’s christening on a tape. King Charles, then Prince Charles, is said to have gone to Princess Diana’s stepmother and said, “You know, we were so disappointed because we thought it was a girl”. Diana’s stepmother Raine Spencer is said to have replied to the prince at the time: “You should realize how lucky you are to have a healthy child”. An answer that Prince Charles is said to have disgraced. The princess should also say on the recordings that a shutter came down afterwards, “he does that if someone contradicts him”. The news portal “CNN” does not describe whether this incident was triggered manually by Charles.

Princess Diana died in a car accident in 1997. There will be seven hours of material in audio format, and Andrew Morton is still keeping it a secret when and where further tape recordings will be released. When asked by the ABC presenter, he said: “There is worldwide interest, but we will see what happens.”

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