Lena Meyer-Landrut speaks for the first time about her bad riding accident

Lena Meyer-Landrut speaks for the first time about her bad riding accident

At the beginning of August, Lena Meyer-Landrut broke her sacrum, two vertebrae were affected. Now the musician has spoken for the first time about the serious accident.

Actually, Lena Meyer-Landrut just wanted to do something good for herself. Time for yourself, a little sport, switch off. In the SWR3 podcast, “1 plus 1 – temporary friendship”, the singer told how it turned into quite a disaster.

Lena Meyer-Landrut: “I broke my ass”

I’m fine, but I broke my ass. I fell off the horse,” says Meyer-Landrut right at the beginning with a pinch of humor and began to tell interlocutor Giulia Becker the details. She is currently still in great pain. Her trip to the riding stable should actually be a nice break And everything went well at first. In the second riding lesson after 15 years it happened: “We galloped and then the horse definitely had fun and didn’t want to stop galloping. But I wanted to stop,” said the 2010 ESC winner.

She was “pushed outwards” by the centrifugal force, according to Meyer-Landrut. “And then I kind of fell on my lower back and broke two vertebrae. And now I’m dealing with it a bit. It definitely wasn’t funny,” she said on the podcast. The first few days were also emotionally “hard”, according to the musician.

Fall off horse

After the accident, she was “much more grounded” and appreciates her health, although she doesn’t like the saying that something has to happen before you can appreciate your own health. After the sacral fracture, the hardships were bad, so the Hanoverian. “Above all, you can’t get up, sit down, bend down, pick up anything and it’s all so difficult,” she said. Although she was lucky in her misfortune, the moment she was on the ground was scary. “If you lie there and then think for a moment, ‘Okay, it wouldn’t have been a long time and then my legs would have been useless, so to speak.’ It’s really tough,” she said.

You will not suffer any worse damage, and yet Meyer-Landrut got a shock.


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