Blowout hair: With this technique, the hairstyle can be achieved in no time

Blowout hair: With this technique, the hairstyle can be achieved in no time

The ’90s were an era of eccentric fashion, from platform shoes to light-up jackets. Even the hair on her head was elaborately blow-dried to attract attention. And this trend is now celebrating a comeback. The so-called blowout hair is back – only the blow-drying process has become much easier.

The ’90s are back and they have a bombastic companion in tow: the “blowout” hairstyle! If you remember picking up your corded phone and listening to the Spice Girls on your Discman, then you know exactly what it’s all about. If not, let us take you on a hairy journey through time.

Blowout hair: A hairstyle trend is celebrating its birth

The 90s were a time of change and extravagance. We witnessed the Tamagotchi craze, witnessed the birth of text messaging, and celebrated boy bands and girl groups. But nothing screams “90s” louder than the iconic blowout hairstyle.

For those wondering what a “blowout” is, it is a voluminous hairstyle created by drying hair with a blow dryer and a round brush. The result? Hair so big and fluffy it becomes a showstopper, much to the annoyance of moviegoers sitting one row behind you.

Jennifer Aniston, Claudia Schiffer & Co. served as role models

The 90s were full of icons who wore this hairstyle: Jennifer Aniston as Rachel Green in “Friends”, the German supermodel Claudia Schiffer, Carmen Electra and, and, and. Many “mere mortals” wanted to get in on the trend and spent hours styling their hair with a round brush and hairdryer to look like superstars.

Why should everything repeat itself now? Why should we spend our valuable time in front of the mirror for hours again? The answer is: it doesn’t have to be that way. Because nowadays there is technology that makes styling blowout hair child’s play. The star shows which products these are.

Blowout hair with the hot air brush

Forget the hassle of handling round brushes and hairdryers. There is now a device that combines both: the . It allows you to dry and shape your hair at the same time while styling. This saves you time compared to using a blow dryer and a separate brush.

With a hot air brush you can create different hairstyles: from sleek, straight looks to voluminous curls and waves. The brushing motion of the hot air brush helps style hair from roots to ends, creating volume and shine. You can also lift hair and dry it directly at the roots to add volume. The brush fits well in the hand and enables precise work.

Blow out hair with the Dyson Airwrap

The is a real luxury product among hair dryers. The wand can be used for various hair styling techniques including straightening, curling, waving and creating volume. The Dyson Airwrap uses airflow and heat to shape hair, rather than extreme heat like flat irons or curling irons. This can help minimize hair damage and keep hair looking healthier.

Styling with the Dyson Airwrap can usually be quicker than using multiple styling tools because you’re drying and shaping the hair at the same time. The device has temperature control to ensure that the hair is not overheated. This is important to avoid hair damage. The device is equipped with an air filter that filters particles from the air before they get into the hair. This can help protect hair from dirt and impurities.

Blowout with the straightener – also called fauxout

Voluminous, wavy hair with a straightener? Exactly, you heard correctly. That works. Creating a blowout hairstyle with a requires some skill and practice, but is definitely doable. Take a small strand and place it between the plates of the straightener. Instead of pulling the flat iron straight down, rotate it 180 degrees so that your hair wraps around the flat iron, similar to curling tongs.

Slowly pull the straightener downward while pulling it slightly away from your head. Remember to rotate the flat iron and pull the hair away from the head to create volume. Once you’ve styled all the sections, you can use your fingers to fluff and shape your hair. Finally, use hairspray to set the hairstyle.

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