Attention burger lovers: when and where to taste more than 100 varieties of flavors

Attention burger lovers: when and where to taste more than 100 varieties of flavors
September 7, 2023 – 15:43

“Burger Fest” returns with new participants and foodie proposals. Learn everything about the gastronomic event.

“Burger Fest”he gastronomic festival dedicated to the burgerswill make a new edition on Saturday, September 9 and Sunday, September 10 in Palermo, Buenos aires city. Find out everything about the most anticipated event for movie lovers. burgers and of street food.

With new entrants and one wide variety of foodie proposals, “Burger Fest” will be this weekend at the Palermo Hippodrome between the 12 and the 23. There will be free entry.




Burger Fest: variety of foodie proposals

The most fanatics will be able to taste the best flavor combinations in 30 stands and food trucks. Among all the options, there will also be vegetarian and TACC-free proposals.

To accompany these dishes, the festival will have a beer garden where all the varieties of Rabieta, one of the most successful craft breweries today, will be sold exclusively. For those who prefer other drinks, there will be a space with wines and cocktails.

burger fest.jpg

Burger Fest.

CABA Tourism

The sweets They will also have their special sector, with positions ice creams, desserts and infusions of the most representative brands within the segment.

Burger Fest (4).jpg

Burger Fest.

New attractions

But it’s not all about food. For this edition, “Burger Fest” incorporates new attractions: there will be foosball tournamentsof table tennis and of darts for the older ones, and a sector with entertainment for the little ones.

Furthermore, attendees Burger Fest will be able to participate in a contest sponsored by Milkaut Profesional to choose the best burger at the fair. Those who vote for the hamburger who wins, will participate in a draw for attractive prizes.

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