Lotocki was found by a television mobile: What was his reaction?

Lotocki was found by a television mobile: What was his reaction?

After spending days at home without speaking publicly following the death of Silvina Luna, the doctor Aníbal Lotocki was found walking through his neighborhood by a television mobile.

At the time that the chronicler tried to interview him, Lotocki didn’t say a single word. She asked him if she wanted to say something or if she preferred to remain silent and if she agreed with the position that her lawyer had shown in an interview on the same channel.

Despite all the questions, Lotocki did not want to speakhe got distracted by his cell phone and He continued walking as if no one had crossed him.


Lotocki sold his house

As reported in the LAM program, the surgeon sold his mansion. The sale notice was published agoe more than a year and they finally managed to find a new owner to the house with six rooms and 531 square meters, located in Vicente López, province of Buenos Aires.


Aníbal Lotocki’s mansion.


“They already want to leave. They will deliver it in 30 days. The sales price had to be lowered quite a bit.“said panelist Maite Peñoñori. “Lotocki’s wife didn’t even want to tell her friends,” she added.

In the last days Lotocki had suffered numerous attacks in front of his house, including shouts and protests against him. after the death of Silvina Luna. Even this Wednesday there was a manifestation in Vicente López’s mansion where neighbors and other victims of the doctor’s malpractice gathered to demand justice.

The objective was to demand the imprisonment of the professionalaccused of malpractice, and ask for justice for the fatal victims of the doctor: Silvina Luna, Mariano Caprarola, Cristian Zarate and Romina Vega.

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