Split ends trimmer: easily remove dry and broken ends

Split ends trimmer: easily remove dry and broken ends

“As much as necessary, as little as possible”: Many women with long hair shy away from going to the hairdresser for fear that their mane will be shortened too much. However, cutting off dry ends is essential for healthy hair.

Regular blow-drying, coloring and styling (with a curling iron or straightener) exposes our hair to a lot of stress. These are particularly noticeable in the lengths: the tips dry out and begin to splinter. This not only feels strange, but also looks unkempt if the hair looks frayed and dull. This makes it all the more important to go to the hairdresser to free your long mane of split ends – unfortunately, every visit also involves shortening your hair. Unless you use a split end trimmer: it cuts the broken ends without changing the lengths much. You can find out how this works here.

What is a split end trimmer and how does it work?

Basically, a decision is made between two different types: There is the split end trimmer as an independent one or as a simple plastic attachment. This is simply used on a regular hair clipper or an electric one inserted and serves the same purpose – clamping the hair so that only the protruding split ends (i.e. the broken ends) are cut off, so that only a few millimeters are lost. This is made possible by the integrated teeth that hold your hair in place and remove split ends.

How do you use a split end trimmer correctly?

If you have frizzy or curly hair, it must first be straightened before use – otherwise it can won’t work evenly because your tips won’t hang straight. If you naturally have a very straight, fine mane, you only need to comb your hair once to loosen any knots. You can then start treatment straight away:

  1. First, divide your hair (as when toning or coloring) into as many even sections as possible so that you can work on it strand by strand with the split end trimmer. The following applies: the thinner the strands are, the more precisely the machine can work to remove the dry ends. Tip: A third hand can be helpful for the back of the head!

  2. Now clamp the trimmer into the first strand directly at the hair insert to pull it up to the tips. Repeat the process strand by strand – if you don’t have a helping hand, you can also use two mirrors to trim your hair evenly at the back of your head. Tip: Each strand can be processed up to five times in a row.

  3. After the split ends and dry ends have been removed, your hair will shine in a new shine. To ensure that it stays that way, you can take your mane with you last but not least maintain. It penetrates the ends of the hair and provides them with moisture to protect them from drying out and causing split ends again in the future.

Care tips: This is how you can prevent split ends

If the ends dry out, split ends are inevitable. Conversely, this means: the better you moisturize your hair, the less susceptible it is to split ends. Thanks to the beauty market, you can access a variety of care products for your hair, such as hair treatments and moisturizing shampoos and . You can also protect your mane from drying out by letting it air dry instead of blow-drying – and avoid using straighteners and curling irons.

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