Jimmy Fallon: Employees speak of a “toxic work environment”

Jimmy Fallon: Employees speak of a “toxic work environment”

Funny, clever and always nice: Jimmy Fallon is considered one of the most popular US entertainers. In an article in Rolling Stone, employees of the show claim that the atmosphere behind the scenes is anything but rosy.

For the majority of people, US talk show host Jimmy Fallon is the perfect Mr. Nice Guy – warm in his dealings with his guests, someone whose laugh is infectious and who never offends. Since 2014, Falloon has hosted the “Tonight Show” on the American television network NBC.

Now 16 employees claim in a story in Rolling Stone magazine that appearances are deceptive. The magazine writes in the article that it spoke to 14 former and two current employees of the show.

“Good Jimmy Days” and “Bad Jimmy Days”

In the article, colleagues report a “dark atmosphere.” The employees were “afraid of outbreaks”. There were “good and bad Jimmy days”. The talk show host’s erratic behavior led to a “toxic work environment.”

Seven team members told Rolling Stone that the atmosphere behind the scenes of the show had affected their mental health. Employees report anxiety, nightmares and weight loss. Four of the employees had received psychological treatment because of their experiences – one of them told Rolling Stone: “Mentally, I was at the lowest point of my life. I didn’t want to live anymore.”

Jimmy Fallon: Alcohol Abuse Rumors

There have been repeated rumors about alcohol abuse in recent years; Fallon himself denied this in a New York Times article. However, several of the employees are now making allegations of alcohol abuse. Alcohol was smelled on his breath several times and he was drunk at work. The talk show host’s behavior depends on whether he is hungover from the night before.

Jimmy Fallon’s short-tempered, unpredictable behavior frightened the team. One employee said: “It was just very, very sad to me that this incredibly talented man created such a terrible atmosphere for people here.” Sometimes Fallon insulted employees and the changing rooms for guests were called “crying rooms” into which some retreated to let their emotions run free.

Broadcaster NBC commented in a statement

All 16 employees only spoke anonymously. Their accusations are also directed at the producers of the show, although Fallon in particular is at the center of the allegations. According to Rolling Stone, Fallon did not want to comment, but according to current employees, he apologized in a “Zoom call” after the report. NBC released a statement saying: “We are incredibly proud of The Tonight Show.” Creating a respectful working environment is a “top priority.” It continued: “As in any workplace, employees raised problems here. These were investigated and, if necessary, action was taken.”


Source: Stern

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