A trip around the world a few hours from CABA: getaways that offer festivals, gastronomy and tradition

A trip around the world a few hours from CABA: getaways that offer festivals, gastronomy and tradition

The diversity of Buenos Aires tourist destinations manifests itself in that great material and intangible heritage what includes dances, food, music, architecture and techniques who arrived at the Buenos Aires province from different countries.

The municipality of Berisso and the town of Go to, Energeticinvite you to celebrate the cultures and the flavors from different corners of the planet during the provincial festivals of the Immigrant and the Farmer. Learn more about these ideal destinations for getaways.


Let’s talk about the field

Stories and typical foods to enjoy and share

communities Italian, Spanish, German, Ukrainian, Belarusian, Armenian, Arab, Yugoslavian, Polish, Portuguese, Cape Verdean, Slovak, Albanian, Slovenian, Croatian, Bulgarian, Greek, Irish, Lithuanian, Yugoslavian, Peruvian, Colombian, French, Mexican and Israeli build the berissense identity.

During the 19th and 20th centuriesthe arrival of overseas immigrants to the ports of the Silver river formed a population united by different ethnicities that joined the native argentine culture. The large number of people who settled in Berisso was a product of his port location and of his extensive factory job offer for those years.

BERISSO – Provincial Festival of Immigrant Disembarkation.jpg

Provincial Immigrant Festival.

Provincial Immigrant Festival.

Municipality of Berisso

With the objective of protect and promote heritage and preserve traditionsfrom 1977the city carries out the Provincial Immigrant Festival with extensive participation of the local community in the sociocultural activities and proposals.

“The ballet They prepare all year to show new costumes, dances and music“, he said Irina Oslovskydelegate of the Belarusian community and treasurer of the Association of Foreign Entities (AEE)organizing institution of the event.

Provincial Immigrant Festival.jpg

Provincial Immigrant Festival.

Provincial Immigrant Festival.

Municipality of Berisso

Thousands of tourists come to this dazzling spectacle that commemorates its 46th edition from the Sunday, September 3 to Sunday, October 15at different times and physical spaces in the town declared as Provincial Immigrant Capital.

The schedule of celebrations includes 8th Typical Food Contest: “The Flavors of Berisso”the Symbolic Landing of Immigrants on the esplanade of Puerto La Plata, the Collective Festivalthe choice of Ambassador and Provincial Immigrant Ambassadorvery colorful musical shows, delicacies from each countrychoir meeting and craft fair, with free entry.

“Every year we are surprised because There are always more people than we expected“, he assured Irina.

The first Collective Expo arrives

Provincial Immigrant Festival.

Provincial Immigrant Festival.

What ships did they arrive on? On the breakwater of the local port, with period objects and clothing, descendants of immigrants They will recreate the moment when Their relatives set foot on these lands for the first time..

It is an honor to be able to represent the culture of my grandparents and I try to do it with love and respect. In my case, on my father’s side I have Russian and Belarusian ancestry, and on my mother’s side I have Russian and Ukrainian ancestry,” she said excitedly.

Rural tradition and a treat to tranquility

The immense Buenos Aires plain that surrounds Energeticin the northwest of the Buenos Aires provincegives rise to a privileged and potential agricultural activity. Surrounded by an extensive grove of trees, the district town of Go to keep a old train stationinstalled by the railway company Pacific Railroad Company at the end of XIX century.

National Festival of the Bragado horse.jpg


Municipality of Bragado

The first contingent of rural producers that arrived at the place established the Santa Isabel stay, from which this small Buenos Aires town was born. First they worked the livestock farm and then the agriculture with the formation of the famous farms.

These are abundant and rich extensions and the field work are the main characteristics of the payment. “Are 300 inhabitants and the agricultural activity is the one that identifies us as a community“, he expressed Diego Garciapresident of the Neighborhood Commission of the Farmer’s Festival.

Fertile drought field.jpg



Thanks to the strengthening and feeling of belonging of the population, this festival is held annually. During the 2023 edition, of Friday the 8th to Sunday the 10thinvites you to enjoy the dance show, noon at the Duck Field with reins test, presentation of the book “Irala Pueblo Chico but de corazón grande” by Roberto Rubio, Ballet Roots Dancing, machinery paradeCreole walk and folklore shows.

“They come to our party 15,000 visitors. We make clubs, gastronomic dishes and fair with local producers. “Everything is filled with colors and joy,” he added. Diego.

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