Italy: George Clooney allegedly wants to get rid of his million-dollar villa

Italy: George Clooney allegedly wants to get rid of his million-dollar villa

George Clooney is known as the “Mayor of Lake Como”. But he is now reportedly planning to sell his villa – for the sake of his wife.

Are George Clooney, 62, and his wife Amal, 45, saying goodbye to Lake Como? According to information from the “Page Six” portal, the actor now wants to finally sell his villa in northern Italy.

“Page Six”, which belongs to the “New York Post”, refers to an “insider” close to the Hollywood star. Accordingly, Clooney put his property on the market for a whopping 100 million euros. Rumors that he wants to sell the villa have been around for some time.

George Clooney once bought an estate for $10 million

He is said to have thought about it as early as 2010 because there were too many paparazzi ambushing him on Lake Como. After the wedding to lawyer Amal, speculation flared up again. “George loves the area and the people who live there, but is aware of the attention he gets when he’s in town,” Page Six quoted a source as saying at the time. “He has received a huge offer for the villa which he is considering and he would buy another, less accessible property in another area of ​​Italy.”

Instead, the couple bought the Domaine du Canadel property in Provence two years ago. Amal Clooney prefers France, it is said. The villa on Lake Como is now to be sold – discreetly, without advertising.

George Clooney reportedly bought the property from the Heinz family in 2002 for $10 million. For a long time it was known as the “bachelor villa” to which the actor invited his various girlfriends. He still stays there regularly with his wife. Over the summer, the parents of six-year-old twins were spotted at several restaurants in the area.

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