Bill Kaulitz wears a diaper at the dentist under general anesthesia

Bill Kaulitz wears a diaper at the dentist under general anesthesia

Tokio Hotel singer Bill Kaulitz is very afraid of the dentist and has a general anesthesia given to him even for simple treatments – including a diaper.

For many people, a visit to the dentist is one of the worst appointments of the year – which is why some people avoid it for longer than is healthy. Bill Kaulitz is one of the people who really panic before their dentist appointment.

The singer of the band Tokio Hotel spoke about his fear on Kurt Krömer’s “Feelings” podcast, and even openly admitted that he wears a diaper in the dentist’s chair. The 34-year-old brought up the topic himself during the conversation: “I recently had a diaper on because I was at the dentist,” he said. “I’m afraid of the dentist and in America you can really have yourself beamed away.”

Bill Kaulitz is afraid of the dentist

Kaulitz, who has been living in the USA with his twin brother Tom for a long time, had himself given a general anesthesia – even though the treatment was not particularly painful or complicated, but rather a simple teeth cleaning. Anxious patient Bill Kaulitz still insisted on being completely anesthetized, which host Krömer could hardly believe: “You’re really crazy about it.” In an emergency, Kaulitz explained that he could tolerate having his teeth cleaned without anesthesia, but if the option was offered, he was happy to take it.

In case a mishap were to happen to him during the treatment, Kaulitz was given a diaper at the dentist, he reported: “It can happen that you then relieve yourself.” What sounds bizarre for German conditions is relatively normal in the USA. And Kaulitz had obviously taken a liking to it: even after his dentist appointment, he continued to walk around in the diaper for some time.

“I found it very comfortable with the diaper because then you don’t have to get up anymore,” he told Kurt Krömer openly. He wore the diaper for two whole days. Bill Kaulitz and his brother Tom moved to Los Angeles in 2010. The twins will be seen as coaches in the new season of “The Voice of Germany”.

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