Lizzo dances in Instagram video – some fans think it’s inappropriate

Lizzo dances in Instagram video – some fans think it’s inappropriate

Abuse of power and sexual harassment: Three former dancers have made serious allegations against singer Lizzo. The Grammy winner denies this – and shows herself dancing in a bikini on Instagram.

Lizzo is obviously having fun: In an Instagram video, the Brit shows herself twerking by the swimming pool to the song “Bonges” by rapper Cardi B. She’s only wearing a bikini. The camera focuses exactly on her backside – no problem for the singer (“About Damn Time”).

She likes to show off her body, even if not everyone likes it. But while the 35-year-old is often with… Fat shaming the negative comments on the latest video have a different background. Some former dancers have made allegations of abuse of power and sexual harassment against her. Some fans find uploading such a video in this situation rather inappropriate.

Lizzo is said to have pressured dancers into sexual acts

“That’s exactly why I’m unfollowing her at this moment. This is so unnecessary,” one user explained. Another user asked: “Are we really supposed to carry on as if she didn’t pressure her team into sexual acts?” “We’re still waiting for an apology,” another person wrote.

According to the lawsuit, three former employees alleged that during a trip to Amsterdam’s red light district, Lizzo asked them to “take turns touching the naked actresses, catching dildos that were shot out of the actresses’ vaginas, and eating bananas that were sticking out of the actresses’ vaginas of the actresses stood out”.

“The breathtaking way Lizzo and her management team treated her dancers seems to contradict everything Lizzo publicly stands for, while privately she shames and demeans her dancers in a way that is not only illegal, but absolutely “It’s demoralizing,” said the plaintiffs’ attorney, Ron Zambrano. Lizzo herself vehemently denies the allegations made against her. Through her lawyer, she explained that she wanted to take legal action and file a countersuit.

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