Chancellor Olaf Scholz: First public appearance without an eye patch

Chancellor Olaf Scholz: First public appearance without an eye patch

Chancellor Olaf Scholz made his first public appearance without an eye patch. He had been wearing them for a good week.

He hid from the public the facial injuries that Olaf Scholz (65) sustained in a sports accident a week ago. In the past few days he has appeared at various appointments with a black eye patch. Now most of it seems to have healed, and so the German Chancellor appeared for the first time again without the privacy screen during a speech at the peace meeting of the Community of Sant’Egidio on Tuesday in Berlin. The traces of his accident were barely visible on his face.

Fall on the main route

The head of government was injured while jogging a week ago on Saturday. The “Frankfurter Rundschau” first reported on it. The “Bild” newspaper then quotes a government spokeswoman: “Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz unfortunately has to cancel his appointments in Hesse this Sunday after a minor sports accident.”

While jogging, he “fell and bruised his face. This will not affect his appointments in the coming week.” He actually took part again in the opening event of the International Motor Show in Munich last Tuesday – for the first time with the black eye patch. He also put on protection at the G20 summit on Friday in India. Indian media reported on the private background of the unusual Chancellor look during the international meeting.

Olaf Scholz stays fit with sport

Olaf Scholz came to sport through his wife Britta Ernst (62), with whom he has been married since 1998. When he was around 40 years old, she told him that he had to do something and that he was “very grateful” to her for it, he once revealed at a “Brigitte live” appearance. “I hated sports when I was at school, but today I jog as often as I can,” Scholz also writes about himself. “I try to make time for sports two or three times a week – jogging, rowing or hiking. We also drive I like cycling.”

As “T-Online” also reports, the accident is said to have occurred on the sporting “main route at his place of residence in Potsdam”. Since he is always accompanied by bodyguards when jogging, they could have quickly helped him.

Source: Stern

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