Midachi returns without Dady Brieva: who is the unexpected replacement

Midachi returns without Dady Brieva: who is the unexpected replacement
September 12, 2023 – 12:19

Miguel del Sel and Chino Volpato will return to Carlos Paz for a season, but without the other historic one. And they will add an unexpected comedian in his place.

The humorous trio Midachi will return to the stage, but without one of its historic members, Dady Brievaand with a completely unexpected replacement, such as Pablo Cabaleirobetter known as The Toothless Wizard.

As reported, Del Sel and Dario Chino Volpato They decided to return to the theater, and are preparing a play to do in Carlos Pazbut without Brievathe other pillar that gave its name to the group.

Until 2018, Del Sel, Volpato and Brieva They were performing on stage, but then they continued their solo activities. In the case of Dadyhe faced a one-man operation in the interior of the country, and recently Uruguay.

Dady He also hosts a late night show on C5N, where he expresses his Peronist position. It is worth remembering that, years agoDel Sel ran for governor of Santa Fe by Together for Changein a kind of internal crack in the group.


The unexpected change within the successful group

As it was spread, Del Sel and Volpato They would be accompanied in their summer season by Pablo Cabaleiromuch better known by his stage name: The Toothless Wizard. A character with whom he visited TV studios and the macrismo bunkers.

Despite these rumors that many take for granted, from the press team of the show that will be produced by Miguel Pardo They only confirmed the presence of the two exMidachi.

The work will be presented at the Holiday Theater by Carlos Paz and the “small detail” of defining a new name for the trio is missing, given that it will not be possible to count on Dady’s “Da” in the name Midachi…


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