Ethan Hawke traveled by bus to the Toronto Film Festival

Ethan Hawke traveled by bus to the Toronto Film Festival

Actor and director Ethan Hawke really wanted to go to the film festival in Toronto – also because of his daughter. Because his flights were canceled, he simply sat on the bus.

A lot of big names in Hollywood come together at the Toronto International Film Festival. That’s not the only reason why Ethan Hawke really wanted to be there – but that turned out to be more difficult than expected.

The actor (two Oscar nominees for his supporting roles in “Training Day” and “Boyhood”) originally wanted to travel by plane. But three flights he had wanted to take were canceled. So Hawke had to take the road and take the bus. As he explained at the festival, he took the well-known Greyhound bus from New York to Toronto – the journey takes at least ten hours, or longer depending on the connection.

Ethan Hawke: Getting there by plane didn’t work

For Ethan Hawke, attending the festival was still worth the effort. His film “Wildcat” premiered in Toronto. The 52-year-old wrote and directed the film about writer Flannery O’Connor. For that reason alone, Hawke’s presence was desirable – but even more important: his daughter Maya Hawke (known for her role in the Netflix series “Stranger Things”) played the main role. “I thought, ‘I’m not going to miss this because of some trouble at the airport,'” Hawke explained.

That’s why he decided to take the bus. But not alone, his wife Ryan Shawhughes accompanied him as well as his co-producer, Hawkes told People magazine. On the overnight journey, none of the fellow passengers recognized him for a long time, says the actor: “No one on the bus is interested in anyone else.” He spent most of the time hiding in his seat with a book and “praying that we would make it in time.” It was only shortly before arrival, at dawn, that someone recognized the famous passenger.


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