This was the Talking Heads reunion at the Toronto Festival

This was the Talking Heads reunion at the Toronto Festival

Talking Headsthe men who since the 70s have fused avant-garde, new wave and dance spirit, met yesterday, Monday the 11th, at the Toronto Film Festival for a live Q&A in honor of the 40th anniversary of their concert film Stop Making Sensewhich is now returning to theaters.

This was the first time that the four members of the group, David Byrne, Tina Weymouth, Chris Frantz and Jerry Harrisonhave appeared together since 2002, when they entered the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

This was the Talking Heads meeting

In Toronto, they premiered a new restored version in IMAX and 4K of the film. Jonathan Demmeoriginally released in 1984. A classic of his career and for many the best film in history based on a concert.

The question and answer session was led by Spike Leewho directed Byrne’s concert film, American Utopiawhich premiered in Toronto three years ago.

In the talk, Byrne noted: “When I was watching this a moment ago, I was thinking: this is why we come to movie theaters. This is different than watching it on my laptop. “This is really different.”

Keyboardist Harrison added: “I would say one of the wonderful things is that the fact that there is new technology means that we almost have the burden of adapting and bringing it to what people can hear now in theaters.”

“I want to leave a record. “This is the best concert movie ever!” exclaimed Lee.

“This was pretty much our tour,” Bryne said of Stop Making Sense. «It seemed like it had some kind of progression. A story. And it occurred to us that maybe it could work as a movie. Because it had a beginning, a middle and an end.”

Harrison noted that the original film’s music was recorded digitally (“this was back in ’84, we were pioneers in doing it”). But the newly restored version is not the same as before. The sound quality is superior and even improves on the 1999 reissue.

“Talking Heads were such a good band.”Frantz assured wistfully. “And when we had that expanded lineup (for the Speaking in Tongues tour) with Steve Scales, Bernie Worrell, Lynn Mabry, Ednah Holt and Alex Weir, they just took us to a whole other dimension. “I’m very grateful to be here tonight and to be able to see this and enjoy it so much.”

A24 will present the film first as an exclusive IMAX exhibition on September 22, before releasing it in conventional theaters on September 29.

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