Ariana Grande has sworn off Botox and lip fillers and is now cultivating her wrinkles

Ariana Grande has sworn off Botox and lip fillers and is now cultivating her wrinkles

Ariana Grande is tired of hiding behind Botox, lip fillers and heavy makeup. Instead, she is now working on getting as many wrinkles as possible.

The spotlight is unforgiving of any pimple or wrinkle. Every little supposed flaw in the stars is exploited. Ariana Grande also fell into the trap of always wanting to be perfect – and helped out a lot. In a , in which Grande talks about her beauty secrets, the 30-year-old singer and actress tearfully admits to having tons of fillers in her lips. She also helped with Botox for years. A fact that she seems to regret today.

“I stopped in 2018 because I felt like I was hiding,” Grande said in the emotional clip. For her, beauty was something she could hide behind. This also included a flowing mane of hair and thick eye makeup – the more the better. Although she still finds this style beautiful from time to time, she now likes it more reserved and currently no longer sees the need to have any beauty procedures carried out. Especially because she no longer understands why she had it done back then. “I don’t like the fact that I had it done anymore because I wanted to hide behind it,” she says. “I now see it more as a form of self-expression and a way to emphasize what is there.”

Ariane Grande swears off beauty procedures – well, almost

However, she was young at the time and was not yet able to cope well with the fact that her appearance was constantly being evaluated and criticized whenever she appeared in public. “When you’re 17 and people are constantly saying something about your looks, you don’t know where it’s worth listening and where it’s not,” says Grande. Now the US star not only owns up to his wrinkles, Grande is actually cultivating them and would like to have more of them. There are well-deserved tear and laugh lines, she explained. “I hope my laugh lines get deeper and deeper. And I laugh more and more and I just think that aging can be such a beautiful thing.”

The relationship with beauty is something very personal. “We’re here to talk about beauty secrets. But isn’t the secret more that we all just want to feel good and be loved?” Grande herself doesn’t rule out having something done to herself again at some point. “Will I have my face lifted in ten years? Maybe, yes!” she doesn’t deny it. But these are still just mind games.

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