German Television Award: Great honor for Michael Bully Herbig

German Television Award: Great honor for Michael Bully Herbig

He has been providing entertainment for three decades, and now Bully is receiving a special award: the Honorary Award of the German Television Award.

Special award at the German Television Prize 2023: Michael Bully Herbig (55) will receive the honorary award from the donors (Sat.1, ARD, Deutsche Telekom, RTL and ZDF) this year. The filmmaker will accept the award in person at the ceremony on Thursday, September 28th in Cologne, according to a statement. Sat.1 will broadcast the gala from 8:15 p.m.

“Bully is an institution”

“For me, Michael Bully Herbig is the uncrowned king of German television entertainment. A youthful legend,” Daniel Rosemann (43), head of Sat.1 and ProSieben and chairman of the donors’ circle, is quoted in the statement this year. “Almost no other artist has been able to set standards in so many different genres.”

Rosemann added: “Michael Bully Herbig loves the big screen and is one of the most creative, clever, versatile and successful television makers we have in Germany.” He knows few artists “who work on their works with so much love, perfection and meticulousness in front of and behind the camera and who remain so human at the same time. Bully is an institution in German entertainment. I warmly congratulate him on the honorary award.”

Bully has been providing entertainment for over 30 years

Michael Bully Herbig, who started his career in radio, has worked as a director, actor, author, producer and comedian for more than three decades. He became known for films such as “The Shoe of Manitu” (2001) and “(T)Raumschiff Surprise – Period 1” (2004). The comedy show “bullyparade” (ProSieben) provided the template for the films. He has been enjoying great success with his latest project “LOL: Last One Laughing” (Prime Video) since 2021. In recent years he has also brought films such as “Ballon” (2018), “The Boandlkramer and Eternal Love” (2021) and “A Thousand Lines” (2022) to the cinema.

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