MTV Music Video Awards: Selena Gomez turns up her nose at Chris Brown

MTV Music Video Awards: Selena Gomez turns up her nose at Chris Brown

At the MTV Music Video Awards, singer Selena Gomez couldn’t hide the fact that she wasn’t happy about a certain nomination that night.

Smile and clap politely. That’s the normal reaction when the nominees are introduced at an awards ceremony like the MTV Music Video Awards, or MTV VMAs for short. Selena Gomez also smiled and clapped politely throughout the evening. But when she is nominated this evening, her facial features slip away.

The artist Chlöe was nominated for the coveted award in the R&B category for her track “How Does it Feel”. She produced the track together with Chris Brown. When his name was mentioned, Gomez couldn’t hide her disgust.

A video that has now gone viral shows the “Single Soon” singer’s reaction. She wrinkles her nose and appears decidedly uninterested as Brown’s nomination is read out along with the artist Chlöe.

Violent history of Selena Gomez’s reaction

Why exactly the singer reacted so strongly to the rapper’s nomination remains unclear. However, there is already speculation online that their dislike could be related to Brown’s scandal-filled past. The rapper has already caused a few scandals. In 2009, Brown was convicted of domestic violence against his then-partner Rihanna.

A heated argument broke out at a pre-Grammy party in 2009. On the way back from the party, Brown hit Rihanna. The photos of their injuries went around the world and led to the separation of the former R’n’B dream couple. Brown had to do community service and take part in anti-aggression training, and Rihanna obtained a restraining order against her ex-partner.

Speculation online

The internet is pretty much in agreement about what to think of Selena Gomez’s facial expressions. “I would have reacted the same way. Chris Brown shouldn’t be nominated for any awards,” wrote one user on X, formerly Twitter. Other voices also expressed understanding for the singer’s reaction. Others viewed the behavior as disrespectful.

By the way, Chlöe and Chris Brown didn’t win the award. Musician SZA won the award for her song “Shirt.” She had the second most nominations of the night, after Taylor Swift. Selena Gomez herself was nominated in several categories together with Rema for her song “Calm Down”. Among other things, in the first-ever Afrobeats category – which she won.

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