The superfood that might not be as good as it seems

The superfood that might not be as good as it seems
September 13, 2023 – 10:42

The consumption of this product is increasingly popular among the population, however it would not be as recommended as they recommend.

In recent years, the coconut oil experienced a surge in popularity as a supposed superfood with a wide range of benefits for health. However, it is also the subject of controversy, especially with regard to its relationship with inflammation and the weight gain.

A recent investigation carried out by scientists from the State University of Campinas (Brazil), was done with mice who were given a dose with extra virgin coconut oil with the aim of checking how they behaved and what benefits or harms they suffered. In the work they used healthy mice who were administered a daily dose of coconut oil for eight weeks.

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Can coconut oil make us gain weight?

One of the conclusions reached after the analyzes is that coconut oil generated significant alterations in the eating of food, weight gain, anxious behavior and inflammation of the tissues of the central nervous system, adipose tissues and liver tissues.

Furthermore, the results reflect that the key metabolism hormonesleptin and insulin, which modulate the cellular mechanisms responsible for satiety and control of blood sugar levels.


Based on the quantities used in the study, the dose applied to the mice would be approximately equivalent to a tablespoon (13 g) daily, or 5% of the calories from saturated fat in the diet of an adult of average weight.

The word of the experts

“The findings suggest that, although it is a slow and silent process, supplementing the diet with coconut oil for prolonged periods of time can lead to significant metabolic alterations that contribute to the development of obesity and associated comorbidities“, Explain Marcio Alberto Torsoni, researcher at the Laboratory of Metabolic Alterations.

“The consumption of coconut oil as part of the usual diet or as a food supplement has increased considerably among the population. However, “It is not recommended as a supplement to treat diseases or improve health.”he added.

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