Mufercho, the first monologist in the Los Redondos shows, died

Mufercho, the first monologist in the Los Redondos shows, died

Sergio “Mufercho” Martínezmythical figure within the universe of Patricio Rey and his Ricotta Rounds for having been the monologuist in the shows of the first stage of the band, he died in the city of La Plata, according to local media, although no details were provided about the reasons for his death.

Bucciarelli seedbassist of the famous group, and Gabriel “Rabbit” Jolivetone of the guitarists in the years in which the band began to take shape, echoed on their respective social networks the death of the artist, who was also known as “El Payaso Martínez” or “Vito Nervio.”

At the height of the mythical halo that always surrounded Los Redondos, especially in the years prior to the great explosion of public that turned it into a multitudinous phenomenon, there is no data on the age of the initiatory master of ceremonies or on his activities in the last years.

Mufercho and his place in Los Redondos

Mufercho He was in charge of reciting poetry and performing lysergic monologues at the opening of the Los Redondos concerts until his arrival on the Buenos Aires stages, at which time that role was assumed by Enrique Symns.

Even in the testimonies given by himself in the book “We were Kings”from journalists Mariano del Mazo and Pablo PerantuonoMartínez accused Symns of having stolen that place from him.

There he was also awarded the creation of the group’s name, together with Fenton, one of the band’s first bassists, along with the idea of ​​handing out ricotta fritters at concerts.

As testimony to his participation in the group, there is a recording of a 1985 show at the Stud Free Pub, in which he can be heard reciting the “Child’s Prayer”.

The truth is that before her participation in Los Redondos, Mufercho was already a well-known character in the countercultural scene of La Plata, from some radio programs in which she mixed music and philosophical reflections.

However, in the interviews he offered in recent years, Martínez focused his speech on the bitterness he felt for having been displaced from the ricotero entourage as the band gained popularity.

“La Negra Poli wanted to separate us from the group. In 1981, after the Pan Caliente Festival, Enrique Symns came in and replaced me. Thus, while people were disappearing in Argentina, Poli and El Indio made us disappear.”he told a La Plata media in 2009.

And he added: “I lost with Los Redondos. And I lost my life. El Indio got angry with me because I once said that he should be clinging to a refrigerator full of salmon. I have friends, but I have nothing to share with them.”

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