Queen Mathilde of Belgium: She wore white to the audience with the Pope

Queen Mathilde of Belgium: She wore white to the audience with the Pope

Belgium’s royal couple Philippe and Mathilde visited Pope Francis in the Apostolic Palace in the Vatican. The queen came dressed in white.

It is a privilege that only very few Pope visitors are granted: Belgium’s Queen Mathilde (50) appeared on Thursday morning with her husband, King Philippe (63), – in a white dress and also a white veil (“Mantilla”).

Arms and shoulders must be covered

Normally, women traditionally wear black when visiting the Pope: “The usual protocol that the Vatican sets for an audience with the Pope states,” explained the “Catholic News Agency” on the occasion of the papal visit of Prince Albert of Monaco ( 65) and wife Charlène (45) two years ago. The dresses should have no cleavage and ostentatious jewelry should be avoided as much as possible. The arms must also be covered. If women wear a skirt, it must reach below the knee and it It is recommended to cover the head with a black veil.”

Why was Queen Mathilde – like Charlène back then – now allowed to wear white?

It is a tradition called “privilège du blanc”. Only Catholic queens and princesses or the wives of Catholic monarchs enjoy this privilege. It is seen as a sign of gratitude and recognition from the Vatican to monarchies that remain loyal to Catholicism.

Queen Mathilde adhered perfectly to the dress code with her high-necked dress that fell above the knee. According to the Vatican, the audience with Pope Francis lasted 20 minutes and topics of discussion included the war in Ukraine and the current crises in Africa.

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