Snoop Dogg: Rapper suffers from horse phobia

Snoop Dogg: Rapper suffers from horse phobia

Nothing seems to faze Snoop Dogg on stage. But he has now revealed that he is terrified of horses.

For his fans he is simply the coolest. When Snoop Dogg (51), real name Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr., dances across the big stages in his famous Crip Walk and whispers his rhymes into the microphone, rap fans around the world have been freaking out for more than 30 years. But one thing apparently bothers him: As he explained in the latest edition of his own news network, he suffers from a fear of horses, a so-called equinophobia.

Snoop Dogg: “You’ll never see me in a scene with a horse.”

How did the confession come about? Wearing only a bathrobe, the rap god and owner of the “Death Row Records” label chatted, as usual, casually with US film star Tiffany Haddish (43, “Night School”) about her passions and hobbies. When Haddish raved about her love of horses and her dream of owning her own horse breed, Snoop’s composure was over. “I don’t know why, but I’m scared shitless of horses,” he admitted. In disbelief, Haddish asked: “Seriously?” “I’m dead serious,” says Snoop, “I’ve filmed with ostriches, iguanas, all sorts of animals. But you’ll never see me in a scene with a horse.”

Wife owned a horse for three years

Unpleasant when your wife is a horse lover: Snoop Dogg went on to say that his wife Shante Broadus (51) owned a horse for three years, which he tolerated “for the sake of peace.” The two of them didn’t find an explanation for Snoop’s horse phobia in the show. Haddish countered Haddish’s suggestion that Snoop might have fallen off a horse in his previous life: “Yes, maybe I used to be the ‘Headless Horseman'” – a legendary figure who rides through the countryside and brings death.

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