Isn’t that Ye? Kanye West mingles with the people in Berlin with kebab

Isn’t that Ye?  Kanye West mingles with the people in Berlin with kebab

Kanye West, who now wants to be called Ye, has been traveling through Europe with his wife for weeks. Now he has arrived in Berlin and is eating kebab in a relaxed manner in the middle of the German capital.

Imagine standing in a queue at your trusted kebab shop in the middle of Berlin, with a masked man in black in front of you. And at some point you realize: this is Kanye West. Pictures of this situation have now appeared on the news service X, formerly Twitter.

Lately, Ye has been covering himself completely in black; the world-famous rapper is best recognized by his wife, who regularly wears almost naked-looking outfits and is sure to attract attention even in Berlin. The couple has been traveling through Europe for a few weeks. They have already made stops in Venice, Florence, Stockholm and now also in Berlin.

The rapper had already attracted attention in Venice when photos of him and Bianca were published, sitting bare-bottomed on a Venetian gondola, with his pants pulled down a little and kneeling in front of him between his legs. What exactly happened on the gondola can only be speculated – but Ye and his wife were banned from going on the gondola in Venice for this action.

Kanye West apparently likes kebabs in Berlin

Now Ye was spotted in Berlin, this time less scandalous, but surprisingly normal in the middle of the crowd – standing in a kebab queue. The celebrity couple stopped at “Mustafa’s Vegetable Kebap” on Mehringdamm in Berlin on Thursday. A small but very popular food truck that people sometimes like to wait in line for. So did the world star and his wife, who in the meantime sat down on Berlin Street, covered up, leaning against a wall. If you look at the rapper’s picture, he can hardly be distinguished from a homeless person, and accordingly he apparently moved through the capital inconspicuously.

The couple then sat down quite unpretentiously on a Berlin park bench to eat their vegetable kebab in peace. They weren’t even bothered when a photo was taken of them eating.

Source: Stern

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