Sienna Miller: bold appearance with a naked baby bump

Sienna Miller: bold appearance with a naked baby bump

At a fashion event in London, actress Sienna Miller presented her bare baby bump in an eye-catching outfit.

On this red carpet all eyes were only on one: Sienna Miller (41). The British-American actress showed off her baby bump in a rare way on Thursday evening at the Vogue World fashion event in London.

She wore a cream-colored satin two-piece suit consisting of a pinned-up XXL blouse and a shapeless balloon skirt. This combination revealed her bare, clearly bulging stomach. The fact that she wore gold statement earrings and black tights as well as black transparent pumps became a side note when she saw this.

The blonde announced her pregnancy in mid-August. Photos presented by the US magazine “People” showed her with a baby bump in a tight, brown bikini on the beach in Ibiza.

Second child for Sienna Miller

This is Sienna Miller’s second child. Her daughter Marlow was born eleven years ago. The father is fellow actor Tom Sturridge (37), with whom Miller was from 2011 to 2015. She is now expecting her first baby with her new partner Oli Green (26). She has been in a relationship with the actor and model since February 2022.

A year ago, the actress spoke to women’s magazine Elle UK about her family planning and revealed that eggs had been frozen when she turned 40. In the previous ten years she had repeatedly felt the social pressure to have more children. “Biology has been incredibly cruel to women this decade – at least it has been for me,” Miller said. After the eggs were frozen, the pressure disappeared. “If it happens, then it happens,” she said about a possible pregnancy…

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