With tastings and traditional dances Oliden celebrates the 6th Country Cookie Festival

With tastings and traditional dances Oliden celebrates the 6th Country Cookie Festival
September 16, 2023 – 2:40 p.m.


Gastronomic tastings, traditional dances and an artisan walk are some of the proposals scheduled for the sixth edition of the Countryside Cookie Festival that will take place tomorrow in the Buenos Aires town of Oliden, a town where rural traditions are its letter of introduction.

Located 25 kilometers from La Plata and 70 from the city of Buenos Aires, Oliden is a small rural town of 270 inhabitants that each year honors bakers and their wood-fired recipes with the Countryside Cookie Festival.

“The party arose a few years ago, this is the sixth edition, but there were two years that we could not do it due to the pandemic,” Carina Ríos, head of the Tourism Directorate of the municipality of Brandsen, explains to Télam.

The celebrations began within the framework of a proposal that seeks to enhance the identity of rural towns and has Olidense as its protagonist, a bakery that in 2022 celebrated its 100 years of foundation.

“This town has a bakery with a wood-burning oven, a characteristic that is shared with San Andrés de Giles and Mercedes, and we thought about putting together a party that would start in one town and end in the other,” Ríos said about the beginnings of the celebrations that Then they united the towns of Tomás Jofre and Azcuénaga with a gastronomic contest.

The old property where the train station once operated will be the meeting point to enjoy typical gastronomy and traditional artistic dance and music shows with the rural landscape in the background.

During the day, visitors will also be able to tour the walk of artisans and entrepreneurs, and enjoy an exhibition of vintage cars.

The tasting of the festival’s emblem will have its special moment when the bakers bake cookies live and present options filled with meat and vegetables.

The activities will begin at 11:30 with the presentation of a traditional dance ballet and will continue throughout the afternoon with different musical shows.

Entrance is free and open; There will only be a contribution voucher of 500 pesos from the Francisco Caram Municipal Hospital to park on the premises.

Source: Ambito

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