Elon Musk’s biography was positioned among the best-selling books: how much does it cost and where can you get it?

Elon Musk’s biography was positioned among the best-selling books: how much does it cost and where can you get it?

The biography of the controversial South African businessman and innovator Elon Musk written by the American journalist Walter Isaacsonin which there is a abusive childhood, despotic relationships with those close to them and one risk addiction which is part of its genius but which could be the trigger for its decline, came just five days after its launch to be among the best sellers in the United States and China.

In amazonthe book quickly achieved the status of “number 1 bestseller”Meanwhile in Barnes & Nobleone of the largest bookstore chains in USAcame to number three best sellers. He also conquered China quickly, something that had happened before with tesla and even surpassed that of the first week in sales. Steve Jobswhich the American author also wrote.

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The book tells of Musk’s abusive childhood, his despotic relationships with loved ones and an addiction to risk.

Biography of Elon Musk: how much does it cost and when will it arrive in Argentina

Due to its length, the biography is a truly monumental book: published by Simon & Schusterhas 688 pages and is considered a “authorized biography”costs $35 in hardcover, although in amazon can be obtained from $21.85 and In October it will arrive in Argentina.

The book of Isaacson presents Musk like a complex and tormented figure whose genius is overshadowed by his inability to relate to the people around him.

In order to write the book, Isaacsonwhose specialty seems to be those brilliant men who brought decisive innovations to their time – Leonardo Da Vinci, Einstein, Steve Jobs – became for two years in the shadow of the tesla and current owner of x -the social network formerly known as Twitter– to develop the complex profile.

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On Amazon, the book about Musk quickly achieved the status of "number 1 bestseller".

On Amazon, the book about Musk quickly achieved the status of “number 1 bestseller”.

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Elon Musk’s life: biography of the tycoon

In the life of the founder of PayPal and owner of the electric car brand teslathe beginning was a path full of adversity, perhaps those that sowed a thirst for revenge and helped him temper his character, preparing him for other challenges that would later align in his business career.

The life of Musk until now – his difficult childhood in South Africahis stormy romantic relationships, his success as a visionary who built SpaceX and Teslaand his impetuous decision to buy Twitter– detailed in the book through dozens of interviews with his family, friends, partners and himself Musk.

The biographer dissects the controversial figure behind Tesla and Xfrom abusive childhood and the sexual crime accusations up to its capacity for crueltytheir delusions of grandeur and his taste for unbridled power.

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The book also quickly conquered China.

The book also quickly conquered China.

Born in South Africa in 1971had a soulless and traumatic childhoodmarked by the figure of his father, an engineer and real estate developer whom the magnate himself came to refer to as “a terrible human being”. For more details: “Almost every bad thing you can imagine, he has done”defined on these pages.

To the paternal lack of knowledge was also added the bullying. Both the episodes of “bullying” such as the stormy relationship between his parents (his mother wrote in her memoirs that she had had “a cruel husband”) branded a man with fire Musk whom the biography presents as “a vulnerable child”; someone “prone to sudden Jekyll and Hyde mood swings, with an extremely high tolerance for risk, a craving for drama, and a manic intensity”.

“He’s always been a crazy genius, but he was 95% genius and 5% crazy. The problem is that now the ratio is inverting”Isaacson conjectures.

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Elon Musk was born in South Africa in 1971.

Elon Musk was born in South Africa in 1971.


The biographer reveals an alleged interference by the billionaire in the ukrainian war: according to Isaacson, Musk asked to disable network satellites starlink used by Ukraine to thwart an attack against the Russian military fleet near the coast of Crimea. Your reasons? The fear that Russia responded to the attack using nuclear weapons against Crimea.

And it tells the triggers of one of the most audacious decisions carried out by Musk: to buy the social network Twitterwhich he would later rename as x. According to the biographer, there was the largest playing field in the world, the global playground: The businessman not only wanted to have the ball; he also wanted to own the playground. “The way Musk rushed to buy Twitter and rename it X was a foreshadowing the way she now runs it: impulsive“writes Isaacson.

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