Irina Shayk walks the catwalk with a black eye – criticism quickly follows

Irina Shayk walks the catwalk with a black eye – criticism quickly follows

Irina Shayk walked the runway with a black eye for designer Mowalola Ogunlesi’s label Mowalola at London Fashion Week. Because it glorified violence, there was criticism of the design choice.

With fashion you can make a statement, express solidarity and even position yourself politically. But you can just as quickly receive harsh criticism. This is what happened after the Mowalola show at London Fashion Week. Supermodel Irina Shayk walked the runway for designer Mowalola Ogunlesi’s label. For this purpose, Shayk was given a black eye make-up. The violet that adorned half her cheek looked deceptively real. Too real and too close to the reality of many people, according to some Internet users.

Irina Shayk wears black eye on the catwalk

“Domestic violence is the new fashion and entertainment. After seeing people re-enact Amber Heard’s statement about sexual violence, a famous model is now faking a black eye at London Fashion Week,” wrote lawyer Charlotte Proudman on X, formerly Twitter . The fact that Shayk also wears Tupac Shakur’s likeness on his clothing is even worse, says Proudman. Ultimately, the rapper himself was accused of sexual assault.

“Giving supermodels a fake black eye is absolutely reprehensible. What an insult to victims of domestic violence when such injuries are glorified for public consumption,” wrote activist Aisha Ali-Khan. She also said the designer should have known better and told Shayk no. The designer “claims that surviving a car accident inspired these looks. Sorry, but a cast or neck brace would have worked better without retraumatizing victims of domestic violence,” says Ali-Khan.

Designer apologized for another affront

Not the only controversy the designer has to deal with. The 28-year-old printed the flags of various countries on the miniskirts of her collection presented in London. Including from Saudi Arabia. However, because it is adorned with a Muslim saying, the flag is considered sacred. Printing them on a fashion piece is considered blasphemy. The outrage was so great that the fashion designer apologized. “After the show, I discovered that one of these flags – Saudi Arabia – contained sacred words, and its use caused great offense. Now that I have been educated on this issue, I would like to sincerely apologize,” the designer wrote.

source:X (formerly Twitter)

Source: Stern

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