Angelina Kirsch: Facial paralysis undesirable during a shoot?

Angelina Kirsch: Facial paralysis undesirable during a shoot?

Angelina Kirsch has been suffering from facial paralysis since July. Now she has revealed how the diagnosis affects her job as a model.

Angelina Kirsch (35) speaks openly on Instagram about her diagnosis of half-sided facial paralysis. And now reveals that apparently not all of their cooperation partners are dealing with it positively. Apparently the curvy model was rejected for a photo shoot due to her sudden illness. “I don’t want to be flawless,” Kirsch writes about a photo that shows her in underwear.

“Today marks two months of facial paralysis and I would like to use this anniversary as an opportunity to ask: What is a flaw and how many are you allowed to have?” the post continues. Then comes a quote about how Kirsch is currently not suitable for a planned shoot as a model. “Pictures full of radiance, laughter, emotions” were desired. However, this cannot be implemented correctly “with Angelina’s current health problems (and this is currently not foreseeable in development)”.

Moderator Ruth Moschner: “Not surprising”

Angelina Kirsch receives support in the comments from colleague Ruth Moschner (47). The moderator writes under the post: “Phew! Not very inclusive and modern, not surprising. Many companies still see further development of ‘norms’ as a temporary trend. Constructive criticism is not desired, which I think is a shame, because the industry should have a lot of power to change things positively.”

In July, Angelina Kirsch publicly stated that she woke up with numbness in the left side of her face. After a visit to the family doctor and four hours in the hospital, she received a diagnosis: idiopathic peripheral facial palsy. Kirsch explains: “In simple terms, this means that my left facial nerve is irritated by viruses or bacteria and is so swollen that this causes the symptoms.”

Idiopathic facial palsy: what is it?

Weakness of the facial muscles on one side of the face. It is often noticed by the patient themselves when looking in the mirror.

Facial paralysis is the most common cranial nerve disease; in around 75 percent of cases the cause is unknown. Known causes include infections as well as injuries, tumors or autoimmune diseases. In around 80 percent of patients, the nerve is completely restored within three to eight weeks.

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