Cardigans will be trendy in 2023: These cardigans are popular

Cardigans will be trendy in 2023: These cardigans are popular

Cardigans are real all-rounders in the wardrobe. Whether in summer, autumn, winter or spring, the popular cardigans are versatile and very stylish. Five trends for 2023.

Singer Taylor Swift even sings about it in one of her songs called “Cardigan” — and fashion fans can also sing the praises of the popular item of clothing. In German, cardigan means a cardigan and it is probably in almost every wardrobe. The knitted jacket is versatile, not only in terms of color, shape and material, but also in terms of the different seasons. In summer, a cardigan can keep you warm on mild summer nights and in autumn it completes the popular layered look. Now you might think that a cardigan is old hat, but then the cardigan surprises and comes with new trends for 2023. You can find inspiration here.

Cropped cardigan in trend in 2023

Cropped cardigans have a shortened hem. This gives the classic cardigan something modern. The short cardigan is ideal for combining with high-waisted jeans or skirts. Add a lingerie top and you’ve got a casual look. By the way, you can wear cropped cardigans both open and buttoned up.

Trend 2023: Oversize cardigan

Oversized cardigans won’t be part of the cardigan trends until 2023. The loose and loose version of the jacket is comfortable and can be worn perfectly over other layers. You can therefore wear oversized cardigans in winter if you want the style to be pleasantly warm.

Cardigan with puff sleeves in trend in 2023

Speaking of buttoned up, puff sleeve cardigans are ideal for wearing closed. This shows off the beautiful, wide sleeves of the cardigan and flatters the shoulders. Puff sleeves or balloon sleeves are sleeves on clothing that are wide and voluminous. Because the sleeves are already expansive, it’s best to combine them with slim-fitting trousers or skirts. Dresses are also possible.

Cardigans with a belt in trend 2023

As casual as the width of the oversize cardigan, cardigans with a belt look just as elegant. Thanks to a belt, you can tie the cardigan tighter at the waist and easily create a beautiful waist. Cardigans with a belt are available in both long and short versions – as a cropped version.

Trend 2023: Colorful cardigans

As winter approaches, the world usually seems a little more colorless. No wonder, since all the trees lose their leaves and rain and snow characterize the weather. Fashion counteracts this dreariness: colorful cardigans with stripes and applications. Beautiful shades of purple like lavender are popular. It doesn’t matter which color you ultimately prefer, as long as it’s colorful.

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