Prince William wades in the mud of the East River during his visit to NYC

Prince William wades in the mud of the East River during his visit to NYC

Environmental protection is important to Prince William. In 2020, the heir to the British throne launched the Earthshot Prize. An award for five solutions and inventions every year that can protect our environment. This Tuesday, the prince is expected to announce the finalists for the prize, which will take place in Singapore in November.

Of course, the prince always stays up to date with all new ideas, so on Monday he explored the oyster reefs off the metropolis in New York City. For the benefit of the Billion Oyster Project, the prince quickly put on his rubber pants, rolled up his fine shirt and put on his long rubber gloves. Then we went to the East River, where he was able to get a live picture of the project.

Prince William spends two days in New York City

The Billion Oyster Project plans to settle one billion oysters in the harbor basin off New York by 2035. Oysters are considered a natural water filter and have a positive impact on the ecosystem. In addition, the underwater reefs formed by oysters increase the habitat for marine biodiversity and can even protect the cosmopolitan city from storm surges.

To this end, the non-profit organization wants to involve a million people in the restoration of the reefs and thus increase awareness of the issue of environmental protection. Many students, teachers, non-profit organizations and around 60 restaurants are currently taking part in the project. They now found another volunteer in Prince William. The project arose from the initiative of students at New York Harbor School, currently located on Governors Island. Since 2008, they have been involved in the cultivation and reintroduction of oysters in New York Harbor.

Another item on the prince’s agenda was the visit of the Secretary General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres. According to the British magazine Daily Mail, they spoke about “the efforts needed to accelerate the fight against climate change and protect the environment.” Of course, a visit to the 93-member world organization, where the world’s heads of state and government met for their annual summit, should not be missed.


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