Is it good to drink coffee before exercising?

Is it good to drink coffee before exercising?

Have a cup of coffee before making exercise may be the push you need to maximize your physical performance and for your brain. But be careful, because there are things that you have to take into account.

The benefits of coffee before exercising

Improves sports performance

A recent study carried out by the ISIC (Institute for Scientific Information on Coffee) established that Drinking coffee before running a race improves physical performance by up to 2%. These positive results can be obtained not only before performing resistance exercise, but also high intensity.

While much of the research was conducted on high-performance athletes, studies conducted on sedentary people and those with lower levels of training also suggest that caffeine may improve your physical performance and be associated with a reduction in muscle soreness.

Warnings about drinking coffee before exercising

To obtain the desired results, coffee consumption should be moderate. For example, for a 68 kg person the estimated amount of caffeine is 200 mg, equivalent to 2-3 cups of coffee.

To take advantage of all the benefits of coffee, you must first choose the right one. The ideal is to buy coffee beans to grind at home and drink it without milk, sugar or sweeteners.

Instant or roasted coffee are easier options to prepare, but they may contain added sugar.

Other benefits of coffee

Increases the alert and attention system

As if that were not enough, coffee not only has multiple benefits for physical performance, but also for awakening the mood. brain. It is proven by the European Food Safety Authority that drinking 75 mg of caffeine, the equivalent of 1 cup of coffee, helps improve attention.

This is because adenosine (a molecule found in the human body that is associated with sleep) and caffeine have a very similar structure. Because of this, caffeine compounds can affect the properties of adenosine and block its actions, resulting in a feeling of alertness.

Improves mood

According to the ISIC (Institute for Scientific Information on Coffee), drinking a small cup of coffee every 4 hours helps significantly improve our mood. This is because various compounds in coffee, such as caffeine and polyphenols, have multiple benefits for mental health, mood, depression, and cognition.

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