Motorsport: Why Leopold Prince of Bavaria bribed a chauffeur

Motorsport: Why Leopold Prince of Bavaria bribed a chauffeur

Leopold “Poldi” from Bavaria made a name for himself as a racing driver. No wonder a club was able to recruit him for a special attempt. The 80-year-old talks about the matter in passing – and chats about the beginnings of his driving career.

At the age of ten, Leopold Prince of Bavaria bribed his chauffeur with cigarettes so that he could drive a car himself for the first time. The man didn’t want to give him the key, but he was a heavy smoker, the 80-year-old said on Tuesday in Sinsheim near Heidelberg.

“I handed him about 40 cigarettes and said, “Give me the key.” And then I was allowed to drive the car alone for the first time.” At that time – in the castle park in Umkirch near Freiburg – something happened to him and he decided that he wanted to become a racing driver.

At the Sinsheim Technology Museum, Leopold Prince of Bavaria wanted to demonstrate that the BMW aircraft engine of the experimental vehicle “Brutus” on display there, with a displacement of 47 liters, can be moved in a climate-neutral manner. The twelve-cylinder engine was powered by pure e-fuel. The attempt was organized by the Royal Bobsleigh Automobile Club; According to the information, a world record. The e-fuel comes from the oldest mining university in the world in Freiberg (Saxony).

About electromobility

E-fuels are synthetic fuels and can be produced using renewable energy from water and carbon dioxide extracted from the air. Unlike petrol or diesel, they do not release any additional gases that are harmful to the climate.

Leopold Prince of Bavaria explained that he wanted to prove that e-fuels are suitable as a means of propulsion. These are currently still expensive, he admitted. But that will change when the Formula 1 racing cars are completely equipped with it from 2026. “Then it will be more efficient.”

The 80-year-old emphasized that he was not against electromobility. But there is not enough electricity to rely entirely on electromobility. In addition, Africa and South America lack the infrastructure for electric cars. He therefore wants to show that there are alternative options.

The great thing about driving a car is, among other things, being able to control racing cars that then do what he wants – and not the other way around, said Leopold Prince of Bavaria. “That’s why I still race cars.”

Information about the Technology Museum

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