“The truth”: The next film about Sebastian Kurz will be released

“The truth”: The next film about Sebastian Kurz will be released
Sebastian Kurz was Chancellor of Austria.
Image: Malte Ossowski/SVEN SIMON via www.imago-images.de (www.imago-images.de)

According to a report in the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung” (FAZ) (Online), the film “Sebastian Kurz – the truth” by Croatian director Jakov Sedlar is scheduled to be released this week.

Producing the film was his own idea and initiative, Sedlar told the “FAZ” on Tuesday. He thinks Kurz is “a very interesting personality.” According to the newspaper report, the script for the film comes from journalist Judith Grohmann, who wrote an authorized biography about Kurz in 2019. According to Sedlar, the budget for the film, which will be released in German and English, is around 350,000 euros. The media report did not say where the funds would come from.

The Croatian director and producer has made numerous documentaries since the 1980s. His 2016 film “Jasenovac – the truth” about the extermination camp of the same name in the fascist Croatian Ustasha state NDH (1941-1945) caused controversy. Critics accused the director of taking a selective look at history and trivializing the crimes of the Ustaše.

After the documentaries “Project Ballhausplatz” and “Kurz – Der Film”, Sedlar’s film would be the third film about the former chancellor’s political career, which will be released in September.

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