Actress: Senta Berger and her love for Vienna and her husband

Actress: Senta Berger and her love for Vienna and her husband

Senta Berger and her husband Michael Verhoeven have been married for more than 50 years. The actress revealed a few relationship tips to the German Press Agency.

Senta Berger (82) has a close relationship with her birthplace, Vienna. “This is my “Do you remember?” city,” the actress told the German Press Agency in Munich. She was recently back with her husband Michael Verhoeven. “I have to say on every corner: this is where we went to the cinema, this is my school that I showed you and this is the little tavern where the violinist played for us. Do you remember?”

That is also the title of a film in which the actress plays a married couple with Günther Maria Halmer, which can be seen from Thursday (September 21st). With a miracle pill, the two of them try to think back on good times together in Rainer Kaufmann’s chamber play comedy and thus refresh their rusty love.

Berger himself is anything but forgetful in this regard. “Every day I remember certain experiences or situations and I remember them very fondly. Memories just come to me.” She was influenced by different things than, for example, her husband. “I notice in myself that I can convey moods better, even about trivial things,” believes the actress. “We were eating together at Lake Starnberg and there was the sun behind the mountains and the clouds in front of them – I know all that, Michael can remember the Wiener Schnitzel.”

Berger: Staying calm is the most important thing

The two have been married for more than 50 years – happily, despite some small disagreements. “Everyday life wears on every couple, ridiculous little things keep coming up, even though you know you can’t change the other person, he will always put the dishes on the dishwasher and not in it,” admits Berger. “When you no longer feel this tenderness for the other person, you sometimes change your tone. Or your attention wanes, you don’t even notice the other person’s mood. It’s all part of everyday life, it’s part of it.”

Berger therefore relies on calmness when dealing with one another. “The best way to do this is to learn to accept your partner’s characteristics, even if it is sometimes difficult,” she advises. “You can counteract your established habits – and the best way to do that is to love each other.”

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