Shortly after her engagement: Nicole Scherzinger moved to London

Shortly after her engagement: Nicole Scherzinger moved to London

Teatime, black taxis and red telephone boxes – Nicole Scherzinger has moved to London and is playing with clichés on Instagram.

Nicole Scherzinger (45) always knew how to present herself advantageously. It almost seems a bit likeably awkward as she squeezes herself into the typically bright red London phone booth to announce: I’ve arrived. is Nicole Scherzinger’s (45) humorous homage to the English capital, her new home. Scherzinger got engaged to former Scottish rugby player Thom Evans (38) in June and is now telling the world: I’m in my “UK Girl” era.

At home in London both personally and professionally

“Guess who moved to London,” Scherzinger asks her Instagram fans rhetorically. Whether in the red telephone box, with the obligatory cup of tea, getting into the black London cab, with the English sandwich in hand or in front of a portrait of the Queen: Scherzinger plays with clichés in her Instagram video. Headline: “In my UK Girl era”.

The former lead singer of the Pussycat Dolls has apparently come to stay. She promised marriage to her fiancé Thom Evans, the former rugby international, in June. She met and fell in love with him in 2020 while filming the show “X-Factor Celebrity”. From September 21st she will be on stage at the Savoy Theater in London in the lead role of Norma Desmond in the musical “Sunset Boulevard”. Also a sign that Scherzinger is planning a longer-term stay in London.

Looking for a place to rest

It seems as if Scherzinger longs for a real piece of home after a long search. The singer and actress, born in Hawaii in 1978, has rarely stayed in one place for long. After her parents separated, she moved to Louisville in Kentucky with her sister, her mother and her new, German-American husband Gary Scherzinger. This was followed by her first public appearances – and almost her engagement as a singer for the Black Eyed Peas. But singer Fergie (48) snatched the job from under her nose.

In 2005 the time had come: the first album with the former dance group Pussycat Dolls was released and was a hit worldwide. After the band broke up in 2010, Scherzinger appeared as a judge on various US casting shows such as “The X-Factor” and “The Masked Singer” and was simultaneously in an on-off relationship with Formula 1 star Lewis Hamilton ( 38).

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