Oliver and Amira Pocher: This is what the shared outburst of emotions means

Oliver and Amira Pocher: This is what the shared outburst of emotions means

What did the “intimate” moment between Oliver and Amira Pocher in their recent podcast mean? The ex-couple clarifies.

In the last episode of the Podimo podcast “The Pochers!” Both Amira (30) and Oliver Pocher (45) fought back tears. Now, a week apart, the ex-couple are taking a stand on this. The two want to clarify a few things in the new episode from September 22nd because several people apparently “interpreted” a lot into the shared outburst of emotions. Amira Pocher also seriously considered cutting the “very intimate” moment from the finished episode, but ultimately left it in.

Amira Pocher explains her tears like this: “I can’t see you crying and of course it hurts me too. When we hugged for the first time, I could see that you had red eyes.” Then the dams broke for her too, because: “Of course I don’t care about you!” Oliver Pocher’s conclusion about the intimate moment is similar. “That shows that there is still some residual feeling in you,” said the comedian.

Separation after seven years of marriage

After seven years of marriage and two children together, the Pochers separated. The first rumors emerged in June. They also confirmed the end of their marriage in a podcast episode at the end of August. “It’s time to educate people. […] We thought this was probably the best way to say it. We’re separated. That’s it,” they told their fans at the time.

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