Elena Uhlig: The marriage proposal came after dinner

Elena Uhlig: The marriage proposal came after dinner
Elena Uhlig and Fritz Karl also do cabaret together. The title: “Relationship status: done”
Image: Michael Kammeter

The 48-year-old “didn’t expect to get married at all in my life,” she told “Bunten”. But during a weekend in the mountains, the 55-year-old Austrian proposed to her in front of the children.

After dinner, the actor is said to have put a ring box on the table and asked: “You’ve been my wife for a long time – but do you want to marry me too?” “It was so beautiful, I was in tears,” remembers Uhlig, who had just celebrated her bachelorette party at the Munich Oktoberfest. The wedding is scheduled to take place before Christmas. Uhlig and Karl have four children and live in Munich and the Salzkammergut.

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