The Rolling Stones presented “Sweet Sounds of Heaven” with Lady Gaga and Stevie Wonder

The Rolling Stones presented “Sweet Sounds of Heaven” with Lady Gaga and Stevie Wonder

After announcing the launch on social networks, the collaboration of the Rolling Stones with Lady Gaga and Stevie Wonder “Sweet Sounds of Heaven” It is now available.

The song will be part of “Hackney Diamonds”the new album by Rolling Stones. It is the band’s first studio album in 18 years and the first since the death of the drummer. Charlie Watts in 2021.

“Sweet Sounds of Heaven” is the second single from Hackney Diamonds, following the release of “Angry” earlier this month.

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Hackney Diamonds: everything about the new Rolling Stones album

After announcing the arrival of Hackney Diamonds, the band members shared the full list of tracks from the 12 song album and confirmed that it will feature a variety of guest stars, as well as tracks recorded with the late drummer Charlie Watts.

Watts appears on two of the songs on the list: “Mess It Up” and “Live By The Sword”. These appear one after the other, halfway through the album and the latter also includes the bass of former Stones bassist, Bill Wyman.

Sir Elton John he also performs on the latter track, playing piano on the song. She also appears on another song, adding cues to “Get Close,” the second track on the track listing.

Lady Gaga contributes vocals to the penultimate song, titled “Sweet Sounds Of Heaven”, and music icon Stevie wonder He also stars in the song, playing the keys and piano.

Finally, the former Beatles legend Paul MCCARTNEY He joins forces with Mick Jagger and company and plays bass on a song called “Bite My Head Off.”

All Hackney Diamonds songs

  • ‘Angry’
  • ‘Get Close’
  • ‘Depending On You’
  • ‘Bite My Head Off’
  • ‘Whole Wide World’
  • ‘Dreamy Skies’
  • ‘Mess It Up’
  • ‘Live By The Sword’
  • ‘Driving Me Too Hard’
  • ‘Tell Me Straight’
  • ‘Sweet Sounds Of Heaven’
  • ‘Rolling Stone Blues’

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