Tom Hanks: Hollywood star warns about AI on Instagram

Tom Hanks: Hollywood star warns about AI on Instagram

Tom Hanks warns on Instagram about a dental care ad that features an AI version of him. He had “nothing to do with it.”

Tom Hanks (67) has . A video of the Oscar winner is currently circulating in which he promotes dental care. However, this is not supposed to be his person, but rather an artificially created image of him.

On a screenshot of Hanks in the promotional clip, which appears to have been created without his knowledge, he writes: “Be careful!! There’s a video out there promoting dental treatment with an Al version of me.” However, the Hollywood star makes it clear with clear words: “I have nothing to do with it.”

AI played a big role in the Hollywood strike

Artificial intelligence is currently playing a big role in Hollywood. The rules for the use of AI were also the subject of the major writers’ and actors’ strike. However, after five months, the writers’ union WGA (Writers Guild of America) was recently able to reach a tentative agreement with the film studios.

Tom Hanks himself spoke about the dangers and possibilities of artificial intelligence in the film industry in May.

Star authors sue OpenAl

Recently, the US company OpenAl was sued by several star authors. The accusation was that its artificial intelligence ChatGPT was “trained” using, among other things, copyrighted works, which amounted to a copyright violation.

In the 57-page document submitted by the Authors Guild, there were numerous big names on the part of the plaintiffs: “Game of Thrones” author George RR Martin (75), John Grisham (68), Jodi Picoult, among others (57), George Saunders (64) and Jonathan Franzen (64) against OpenAI. A total of 17 writers were named in the class action lawsuit.

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