The mystery is over: Bizarrap confirmed session 57 with Milo J

The mystery is over: Bizarrap confirmed session 57 with Milo J
October 2, 2023 – 20:15

After keeping it a mystery for several days, Bizarrap finally announced that he will be collaborating with 16-year-old rapper, Milo J.

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After days of speculation about who would accompany Bizarre in the session 57the mystery finally ended and the Argentine artist confirmed that Milo J will be the protagonist of his next song that It will be out this Wednesday.

The announcement came on the networks of the Argentine producer who for days kept the mystery of who he was with. I would collaborate in session 57. The post only included a photo of the two artists and the publication day of the song.


Although many thought that the great revelation would be a pop singer due to the name change on social media Bizarre last week it was renamed Bizapop for a few days, he ended up leaning again towards the rap. Among the artists mentioned for collaboration with the producer There were world-renowned singers like Justin Bieber and Dua Lipa.

Finally, the owner of session 57 will be Camilo Joaquín Villaruelthe young Argentine rapper better known as Milo Jwill accompany Bizarrap for first time in his career. With only 16 yearssince 2021 he has been working in the music industry and already has several popular songs such as Milagrosa, Western Values ​​and El Bolero.

Bizarrap session 57: the incredible announcement

Last week, Bizarre had announced the arrival of their new collaboration with an impressive video. The arrival of the BZRP Music Sessionsnumber 57, had been advertised with a short film and a very special guest: Guillermo Francella.

The short one, with strong connections to The wolf of Wall Streetshows Biza celebrating having reached the 8.5 billion streams on Spotify at a company until the boss, played by Francella, calls him into his office. There, the character of the comic actor questions the success of Biza, leaving him a lesson: “People do not choose what music to listen to, if it is not the music that chooses who wants to listen to it.” At this Biza becomes philosophical and asks: “And who do I have to listen to?”

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