Anya Taylor-Joy married singer Malcolm McRae

Anya Taylor-Joy married singer Malcolm McRae
October 3, 2023 – 16:35

The Argentine-British actress born in the United States married the artist this weekend in a luxurious ceremony in Italy that had Cara Delevingne and Julia Garner as guests.

The actress Anya Taylor-Joy got married with the singer Malcolm McRae this weekend at a lavish ceremony in Venice, Italywith 150 guestsincluding Hollywood stars like Cara Delevingne and Julia Garner.

As confirmed by the Daily Mail, the 27-year-old interpreter married McRae, 29, in the Palazzo Pisani Morettaa historic building from the 15th century, where they received family and friends.

In a leaked photo of the event, you can see the American-born Argentine-British actress, wearing a long beige dress with flower decorations and images of birds.

Anya Taylor Joy Wedding.jpg

How Anya Taylor-Joy and Malcom McRae met

The two artists They met in March 2021 at the premiere of Queen’s Gambit, the Netflix series that shot her to fame. Two days later, they saw each other again and it was then that their relationship began. He wrote her a song and then shared clips of him singing it on Instagram.

I wrote this song for Anya two days after I met her”, he said in the caption of the publication. “Is called ‘I really want to see you again’“he added.

In the song, McRae expressed, “I know I’m on cloud nine right now, but I gotta get this out.” “I think that We are alike in ways I can’t quite explain., but I could, I could with some time. If we were ever in the same place. I want what’s right, but I want it without warning now, and I think we are wanting something the same”said another of the passages he dedicated to Anya Taylor-Joy.

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