Guardianship Success: Ariana Grande supports Britney Spears

Ariana Grande celebrated her partial success in the pre-munity dispute with Britney Spears. On Instagram, she turns to the colleague.

Britney Spears, 39, received approval at a hearing in Los Angeles on Wednesday to take legal action against father Jamie Spears, 69, in the guardianship dispute with a new lawyer. . the singer then shared her joy with her fans.

For a clip in which she can be seen riding and turning a bike, she wrote, among other things: “You have no idea what it means for me to be supported by such great fans. God bless you all!” Finally, the 39-year-old even used the hashtag #freebritney, which her followers actually use to show their support for the singer.

“You are loved and supported”

Again, numerous supporters of the musician spoke up and commented on the post, especially colleague Ariana Grande (28). She wrote about two little heart emojis: “You are so loved and supported.” She also shared the clip in an Instagram story and added numerous hearts and “Free Britney”.

Other stars are happy with Britney Spears

Other stars also want to encourage Spears. Actress Hilarie Burton (39) put the well-known hashtag under the singer’s post. Her colleague Sophie Turner (25) did the same and commented enthusiastically: “Yes, yes, yes”. Rose McGowan (47) wrote under the post: “I am so proud of you”. Spears’ partner Sam Asghari (27) has already foreseen that the post and the news about the partial success will meet with a lot of feedback. He commented on the post: “The internet is going to explode. #Freebritney”

Going forward, Spears celebrity attorney Mathew Rosengart will assist. Since 2014, the singer and mother of two has been trying to break free from her father’s guardianship. Following a mental breakdown, Jamie Spears was appointed her guardian by a court in 2008. Since then he has made decisions about her life and finances.

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