The reason why they ordered an autopsy on Ricardo Iorio’s body

The reason why they ordered an autopsy on Ricardo Iorio’s body

The lawyer, in dialogue with Noticias Argentinas, pointed out that “the police made the decision to perform an autopsy because that is what It is done in these cases when the person dies at home“.”The body is now in the Coronel Suarez Hospital because they are performing an autopsy. Surely, Tomorrow they will give us the body and we will see how we continue. His wife did not tell me where the wake or burial will be. She didn’t even have time to think about it.“he continued Vitalini in the afternoon of this Tuesday.

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The lawyer also said that the couple Iorio I was surprised by him trespass which took place in the house where they lived together, in order to seek information to close the case.

What follows is an investigation into a case for “finding cause of death”in which the Scientific police and the result of the autopsy will be awaited.

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Vitalini was the one who confirmed the information about the singer’s death in the early hours of the morning: “It’s all very surprisingeverything was fine, he just felt that pain in his chestit’s crazy, very sad news. It was unknown if I had had any previous problems, the lady told me no.“.

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Ricardo Iorio

The spokesperson for Public ministry local, Jésica Rípodasexplained that “the case begins as investigation of cause of deathalthough it would be a death due to natural causesbut he is a doctor Police “It must be determined how the body was found, if there was a transfer and if at that time he was still alive. The prosecutor will define whether the autopsy will be performed, once he contacts a health professional,” he added.

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The official part of the Coronel Suarez Hospital states: “At 6:51 an emergency call was received requesting an ambulance to the rural home of the Mr. Iorio. After 60 kilometers of rural road, several of them gravel, the ambulance arrived at the home, where he was being assisted by a health team from the town of Tornquistwho confirmed death and continued assisting the case, until the intervention of the police medical team“.

“The staff at this hospital only acted as support for the ambulance of the municipality of Tornquist. “We extend our condolences to the family and admirers of the well-known singer,” the report continued.

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