“GZSZ” star Nina Ensmann: The actress is expecting her first child

“GZSZ” star Nina Ensmann: The actress is expecting her first child

“GZSZ” actress Nina Ensmann becomes a mother. Shortly before, another star of the series had announced his pregnancy.

Nina Ensmann is pregnant. The actress who plays the role “Jessica” in the RTL series “Good Times, Bad Times”, . Alongside a picture showing her baby bump under a white blouse, she wrote: “Turns out the butterflies in my stomach are your little feet.”

She added: “We look forward to your footsteps in our lives and in this world. We couldn’t love you more than we already do!” There were already congratulations in the comments from “GZSZ” colleague Jörn Schlönvoigt (37) and “Unter uns” star Jo Weil (46).

“A dream child” for Nina Ensmann

In an RTL interview, Nina Ensmann revealed that the baby was “a dream child” for her and her husband. “Fate has been kind to us and the timing couldn’t be better.” The actress, who has been appearing on “GZSZ” since 2022, also explained about her pregnancy: “I’m so lucky, I’ve been feeling great since day one.” Apart from a few more doctor’s appointments, her everyday life hasn’t changed. “I also no longer train with my dumbbells, but do yoga and Pilates. I listen carefully to what my body needs – whether it needs rest or wants to be active. In general, I’m just relaxed and very present with myself and us.”

According to the broadcaster, Nina Ensmann will be in front of the “GZSZ” camera for a few more weeks before she goes on maternity leave. Their series comeback is currently planned for summer 2024, the statement continues.

Ensmann’s “GZSZ” colleague is also pregnant

It was only at the beginning of the week that Nina Ensmann’s “GZSZ” colleague Chryssanthi Kavazi (34) and her husband Tom Beck (45) announced that they would become parents for the second time. The baby is apparently due to be born in spring 2024. Their first son was born in November 2019.

Source: Stern

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