Oliver and Amira Pocher: Your podcast career is not over yet

Oliver and Amira Pocher: Your podcast career is not over yet

“The Pochers!” is over, but Oliver and Amira Pocher are already working on new podcast plans. That’s what lies behind it.

Just yesterday (October 24th) comedian Oliver Pocher (45) explained the joint podcast “The Pochers!” with his wife Amira Pocher (31) ended unilaterally. In an Instagram post: “Due to the knowledge I have gained in the last few days and the resulting loss of trust, further collaboration with Amira is impossible. This ends our podcast with a final pre-recorded episode from September 11th next Friday.”

Will Oliver and Amira Pocher stay at Podimo individually?

The podcast “Die Pochers!” published by the podcast app Podimo is history. As a result, Oliver Pocher is initially without his own podcast show, while Amira Pocher runs her own podcast “Hey Amira” on RTL+, in which she talks to experts about various topics such as raising children and family, fitness and beauty. But even after the end of their joint podcast “Die Pochers!” Oliver and Amira will probably remain loyal to the provider Podimo.

Because Podimo Germany, for its part, announced this Wednesday (October 25th) under the heading “The Pochers! Update”: “Since we receive many inquiries: We are in trusting communication with Amira and Olli and can assure you that both are part of Podimo -will remain family.”

However, these plans do not appear to be concrete at the moment. Podimos continues: “We will inform you about what exactly this will look like in the coming days!”

Oliver Pocher receives encouragement, Amira Pocher deletes their shared Instagram history

Under his Instagram post announcing the end of the podcast “Die Pochers!” announced, Oliver Pocher has received a lot of support from celebrities in the meantime. For example, fellow comedian Luke Mockridge (34) commented on the announcement of the end of the podcast with the words “Whatever you need” and posted the emoji of a man raising his hand.

The actress Mariella Ahrens (54), entertainer Julian FM Stoeckel (36), reality TV star Sam Dylan (32) and the actors Raúl Richter (36) and Bela Klentze (35) also left Oliver Pocher attempts at encouragement on the social network. The latter star wrote: “I feel for you bro.”

Amira Pocher has now also become active on Instagram. She deleted almost all of the photos that showed her with her husband and also removed entries with Oliver Pocher. She also demonstratively unfollowed him on the social network. Fans of the couple probably haven’t heard the last word about Oliver and Amira Pocher’s separation.

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