Judicial setback for Corazza: they expanded his prosecution for corruption of minors

Judicial setback for Corazza: they expanded his prosecution for corruption of minors

“I consider that Corazza promoted the corruption of the victim insofar as, based on his depraved proposals, began the corruption of the victimwho had never carried out actions of that type for money and He had never been sexually involved with another man.“said the magistrate in the ruling of more than 350 pages.

Chat dialogues between the accused and the victim were recorded in the file in which Corazza I asked him personal videos with sexual content.

“When it was confirmed that he knew the age of the victim, I assume that Corazza was aware that the illegal acts that she carried out were likely to corrupt her,” argued the magistrate.

In that sense, they also added that “by virtue of the alleged facts, the evidentiary assessment carried out and the legal qualification attributedthe processing decreed opportunely in this regard must be expanded, and respond for being the author criminally responsible for the crime of corruption of minors,” the judge said.

I sand too expanded prosecutions with preventive detention of other defendants in the case such as Francisco Rolando Angelotti -syndicated as leader of the organization- and Raúl Ignacio Mermetwhile for this file Andrés Fernando Charpenet is also being prosecuted.

In the resolution the magistrate also ordered the prosecution with preventive detention of Leandro Agustín Aguiar considering him responsible for the crimes of illicit association as a member and coercion in real competition with the crimes of human trafficking for the purposes of aggravated sexual exploitation.

The investigation against Marcelo Corazza advances

The investigation began on October 24 of last year, after a confidential witness reported that He had been sexually abused when he was between 11 and 13 years old.between 1999 and 2002, by one of those now detained, whom he could only identify by his first name and who later made him have sexual relations with other defendants.

According to the investigation, there were events attributed to the accused that would have occurred on dates closer in time.

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