New “Asterix” adventure: Positive thinking doesn’t make everyone happy

New “Asterix” adventure: Positive thinking doesn’t make everyone happy

“The White Iris” is the name of the new “Asterix” adventure. Misfortune befalls a villager.

Positive thinking is not good for everyone – at least in the 40th “Asterix” adventure “The White Iris”. The album will be released on October 26th. For Didier Conrad (64), it is the sixth adventure in which he has taken part as an illustrator. Author Fabrice Caro alias Fabcaro (50) took over as scenarist for the 40th album. The 50-year-old has already revealed what fans can expect in the new adventure – and who the new opponent of Asterix and Obelix is.

A doctor from Caesar’s army, the “villain” of this adventure, has developed a new school of thought. Visusversus is not only a teacher, “but also a master of deception and hide-and-seek. And he has only one goal in mind: to make an impression on Caesar and make his school of thought known throughout the world,” is what it says about the new enemy. But Asterix sees through the machinations of the apparent do-gooder…

That’s what “The White Iris” is about

“I wanted an adventure in which the action focused on the village itself and the immediate surroundings,” says Fabrice Caro about the new album. About the title he explains that “The White Iris” is the name of the new school from Rome: “It propagates positive thinking and is spreading from Rome to Lutetia in more and more cities.”

But the teachings are also very well received by the villagers, the author continues. Apparently also to the chagrin of Majestix: the chief of the Gauls “was in a better mood,” explains Fabrice Caro. “Positive thinking has a great effect on the villagers and not everyone is happy with it. Our chief belongs to the latter, who is plunged into a deep crisis.” In the new issue, Majestix finally has to deal with a marital crisis.

“Full of surprises and spectacular twists”

Didier Conrad adds: “It was a lot of fun to accompany the Gauls on their new adventure and to draw them in unusual situations. The new school of thought from Rome called ‘The White Iris’ is really shaking up the village.” The French-Swiss comic artist has been making drawings for the Gaul’s adventures since the album “Asterix with the Picts” (2013). In December 2022 it was announced that the new author Fabrice Caro, known as Fabcaro, would be taking part in the 40th Gallic adventure.

At the time, Conrad said about the addition to the “Asterix” team: “It’s at least as much fun with Fabcaro as with Jean-Yves Ferri. They’re both full of ideas and I really enjoy capturing their stories in pictures. The next one Comic is full of surprises and spectacular twists.”

The new adventure about Asterix and Obelix is ​​likely to be well received again: According to the publisher, 393 million albums have been sold worldwide since the start of the series. “Asterix” was created in 1959 by author René Goscinny (1926-1977) and illustrator Albert Uderzo (1927-2020).

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